Sunday, January 2, 2011

the thought that counts...

Some of my favorite gifts this year were sweet, small and thoughtful...

My dear sweet hubby stumbled upon was forced to purchase my peanut charm <3. He had actually ordered a diff charm (but cancelled the order) of a family of 5!

My dear friend... whom I shall forever now refer to as Vixen due to a recent facebook post :) (and who has been previously mentioned as the giver of peanut's crib) bought a very sweet charm (little heart growing in big heart).

I have been wearing these charms almost everyday since recieving them. The peanut charm has become almost a worry stone whenever I think of my sweet baby(ies) and what they are up to.

The third gift is an awesome book that I admired at my friend's (L) baby shower. (nickname to come... inspiration has not quite struck). It's a line a day book. I had told her I wish we had done one w/ Bee when he had been born, and she got one for our family and our new journey!

I have been itching to start and already have to play catch up as we were out of town on the first.

Speaking of our new journey... 4 days until we attend our first class! I have a feeling it will provide some interesting blog feed :)