Sunday, January 23, 2011

anticipation and dread... meeting 3

MEETING 3  - description from online adopting from foster care site

Losses and Gains: The Need to be a Loss Expert

Explores the impact of separation on the growth and development of children, and the impact of foster care and adoptive placement on the emotions and behaviors of children and parents. Examines personal losses (death, divorce, infertility, children leaving home) and how difficult life experiences affect success as adoptive parents or foster parents. Emphasizes the partnership roles of foster parents, adoptive parents, and social workers in turning separation losses into gains.

Blech... the part that makes me nervous -> examines personal losses. In other words... I'm going to have to tell my story (see top bar - what happened?). Don't want to.

Usually I'm cool w/ it and can detach and view it as a teachable moment.

I don't wanna... I don't want to change in their mind. I don't want to become the tragic story. I have a feeling the other couples have infertility struggles. I don't envy that. It's just the whole blood and gore... the "LIFETIME MOVIE" feeling of it all.

Something else that sort of freaks me out... I have to do it infront of my hubby. Maybe I'll have him tell the story, either way... it's a different pressure. We haven't ever had to tell people infront of each other.

Please keep us in your prayers this week...

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  1. Praying! I know God will give you the words to speak.