Saturday, January 22, 2011

and then there were 9...

3rd class of MAPP (which is technically class 2 of the program). How do children come into foster care?

This class was great... we did a role play (they said it was sculpturing more than actual role-play). It took the ENTIRE class.

By the end of class I realized how easy it is for someone to lose control of their situation and end up in the system. In the scenario, we had a family go from "normal" stressed, family to having to have their kids removed. None of it vicious, malicious, just out of control. I asked in reality how long would the kids be in the system. 6 to 9 months. WOW. I felt a new appreciation for how difficult it must be for the birth parents and how not to demonize people in the system.

I had already been thinking about reunification and such after reading a post by FosterParentJourney. There was a comment to the post about how the goal is GOOD ENOUGH not ideal.

Our goal in becoming foster parents is to walk with #1 - the child and #2 the FAMILY of the child. I think so many people (not in the system) forget about the family. While I would love love love to eventually adopt children, it is a loss for the child, the family, and society if parents and children are not reunited. Our job as foster parents is to FOSTER a relationship between the children and the parents. To (in our limited contact) build up the parents, not judge for past mistakes.

Been really thinking of the parents as this song has been playing.

This has especially been on my mind as our class has dropped in size again. We are down to 9 (maybe 10) in the class. Darling husband and I are the only ones for foster care. FOR A FOUR COUNTY AREA. We are the only ones in this course (they have staggered courses starting every other month).

I read a stat (from 2008). Our area needs 300-400 foster homes. At the time - they had under 200.


  1. Wow! Can't believe it's shrinking. Sounds like you are learning a lot.

  2. they have said it's smaller than most. i was a bit worried... i've heard they cancel classes... i asked - if it's less than 6 people - they will cancel :(

    pray no one else drops!!!!!