Monday, June 21, 2010

i have a feeling it's going to be a long week

i don't know how single moms do it

of course typically they go to work - i was home all day

my dh is off at a culinary instructor training in Miami and i am home all day w/ the gorgeous child. the first half of the day was great, i was thinking - a snap, i could do this... then naptime and (shock) no nap. he was out of his room every 5 minutes.

when 5 o'clock came and it started to sink in there would be no relief it hit harder --- esp since we were running to 3 stores before getting to my grandparents for dinner. B was an abolute PITA (pain in the a...) the entire time. logically i know he was tired. i know realize i should have had him in the cart, but am realizing we need to break him of riding in the cart since he is 4 AND hopefully this time next year we will have 1 (or 2) lil' ones who need to ride.

i am exhausted - haven't gotten half of what i had planned done and fell a bit defeated. was hoping to get my sis to babysit, but she has a bday party the night i wanted her to come. looking forward to tomorrow and thurs!

i really want to get the house clean before shaun comes home so we can start the summer off right

35. I am not doing this alone usually
- not only is my husband a good dad who does help out (esp bedtime routine), but i have family in town (usually).

- part of my issue today is stayin up late - i love staying up until 2 am - prob is i don't want to get up until AT LEAST 830. Today playhouse disney had my lil man entertained for 3 hours (awful i know) but he woke up at 630 and i was in bed after 2!

37. praise music cd
- i have a generic praise music cd i bought at Target shortly after B was born - very uplifting songs, and have found that i can put it on and get work done... it is a positive "background" instead of the tv going and distracting me

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