Monday, June 21, 2010

grateful 24 -- 34 father's day

As it is (was) father's day - daddies are the theme for the day Since it is past 2 am as i am typing it will be shortish - no extrememly deep introspection tonight

my dad
24. he didn't suck as much as i thought in high school
- so... as any typical teenager girl thinks - i thought my dad was the worst (not evil - just soooo uncool, unfair and un-understanding, while i do still have a diff. style in parenting - understand him a bit more now and he wasn't as bad as i thought

25. his sense of charity
- while my dad is not an active church member, something that i will always admire about him and a trait that i am thankful to have witnessed (and hope to follow in) is that it is important to help those who cannot help themselves -

26. his desire to "fix" things
- had never realized how much i relied on my dad to fix things,and my absolute faith in him to do so until he couldn't fix things after my hyster. i saw how badly it hurt him NOT to be able to pick up a phone and call a friend or some random connection he had to fix things up. he did call a friend who worked at the hospital and a friend on the board to be sure that i could see B while in the ICU. he may not say - I love you - but i have learned his attempts to fix things for his girls is his way of showing us

my grandpa B

27. that he is still here and B is getting to know him
-  while B isn't quite getting to know the gpa i grew up with, he may remember him... if not i am thankful Gpa is getting to know him

28. his smart ass humor that i have been so blessed as to inherit

29. his love of gardening that i have not inherited
- i love his gardens and hope that B does inherit it


30. his love for Christ that was an example my mother grew up with and therefore what she passed to us
-  some of my earliest memories include him as a deacon at the lil' baptist church in their town, also helping him prepare the communion... at his funeral it was standing room only, and person after person stood to testify how Poppy either led them or others to Christ, or how they witnessed his service to the Lord

31. his absolute love
- Poppy was not my mom's bio-dad, he married my gma when my mom was about 5. Something i hadn't realized until after he passed, was that the best example he gave me was that of adoptive love. he never adopted my mom, but she was her dad - she loved and he loved her and us. he showed me that i will be able to love my next children fully - while knowing it in my mind is one thing - having experienced it myself - i know we can do this

32. random wafts of sweet tobacco
- i am thankful for the scent of sweet tobacco... sounds wierd, but poppy smoked a pipe. my aunt amy(his daughter) and i were at the beach playground w/ our kids and a few tables over someone was smoking a cigar - the scent was sweet and so close to the cherry tobacco - we both noticed. i know he's not "watching" us. but it was great to think of him at that moment as his grandaughter and great grandson were playing together

Gpa A
33. his service to our country
- as i remind my students, our service men and women should be honored, not only do they risk our lives when in active duty, but when training

34. a heritage of faith
- while i never met him since he passed prior to my mom's birth - i did know his parents. super cool people, and i learned much from them - my ggpa had a hilarious sense of humor, served in wwi, and was the child (or grandchild - i forget) of a circuit pastor for the methodist church. i saw faith not only in my mother and her parents, but in the parents of her bio-dad.

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