Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Good News/Bad News

Wow... great lesson!

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While listening to Wally speak about how we as believers struggle when God doesn't do what we know HE can do, it struck me as that is often one of my battles.

I believe God could have stopped my hemorrhaging. He could have made sure it didn't even start. But... he didn't.

I truly believe it would be POSSIBLE for God to regrow my uterus... yet I know it is vastly improbable.

Somehow his vast plan includes my hysterectomy. I may never see it.

The believe in an omnipotent God gets rough when life does NOT go the way we in our infinite wisdom plan!

As I was re listening to this broadcast... my lil one ran in and gave me a big kiss.... saying he'd put honey in my pasta to make it sweet for me.

My lil man is the honey of my life. He makes my life so sweet. Would I have realized it if there hadn't been the immediate loss of future bio-children? The immediate grief following his birth... is that what has made his life so sweet to me?

Who knows?

Like I said in my first post - this blog will be messy and confusing - but hey! so's my life!

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