Wednesday, October 17, 2012

failure to communicate - AGAIN

warning - rant -

soooo --- ever wonder why there aren't MORE foster parents who do several placements???? b/c they get tired of getting SCREWED by the caseworker...

the caseworker has NOT called me back

why am i stressed??? because via a phone conversation w/ biodaddy (if you are a foster parent - you need to check out google voice - free confidential number) led me to a piece of important info...

forget WAITING until court to transfer the kids - they will just stay after visit an extra day.

in other words they will (most likely) be LEAVING for good in less than 48 hours

case worker still hasn't told me - i called him and he said he had to talk to the legal team - but it was HIS idea and HE was trying to get it to work... but did NOT tell me.

ugh ugh ugh


  1. Yet another bit of evidence showing Foster Parents finish last. I am so sorry for what you are going through.