Sunday, September 30, 2012

what we have here is a failure to communicate

on my way to parent teacher conferences in our rural area.... i get a phone call from daycare

"you do know the kids are still here??? they were not picked up for visitation" - daycare director

"oh... my... no... i didn't - i will call my husband and he'll be there as soon as possible - i am so sorry" - me

"we realize now you must not have known... you never leave the kids this late" - understanding director...

---- deep breaths - frantic call to husband - who frantically leaves to get two confused babies -----

---- more deep breaths --- call to case worker

"i just want to make sure you are aware we had no idea kids didn't have visitation today" - me

"oh, ms. xxx (transporter) told me she told you when she talked to you about the weekend visit" - caseworker

"weekend visit?!?!" - me

"oh, um, you didn't know???"

and that's how i found out that the babies started their weekend long visits - it didn't start w/ a one night sleepover like we anticipated - but a full blown weekend...

babies picked up from school at 2 on friday - back to our house on Sunday at 2... 48 hours without my sweet babies... with less than 24 hours notice... no time to pack them - to prepare my heart or my son's.

and suckage ontop of suckage - i hadn't even gotten to put them to bed that night...

oh yeah - and talking to transporter - she swears she NEVER told the caseworker she told me about the visit....


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