Friday, September 7, 2012

random tears at publix - again - same one

talked to case worker... called about something else - but in truth wanted to see if he knew court date (court cancelled due to storm)

he acted all shocked and told me he JUST found out it is on Monday (as in it's Friday today - and the weekend - then court - CRAP) reports will be good but no technical paper work is done.. (of course not)... but biofam doing better


also had our quarterly inspection - and reminded AGAIN that when momma bear turns 3 baby bear must be moved in our state children cannot share room w/ opposite gender after age of 3. big stressor for us

stopped at publix with momma bear on the way home to do some grocery shopping

she was miss chatty kathy in the store - getting lots of awwww how cute glances...

woman asked me how old she was, smiled and told her in about a month she would be three... big smile from woman - and from momma bear... woman told her happy almost birthday...

i choked back some tears and said thank you... told momma bear "come with auntie let's go" and quickly walked off... could feel the tears starting... was able to hold them off, but was overwhelmed in the moment.

should be so excited about her birthday, maybe bittersweet on her getting older, etc... but i felt devastated in the moment

don't want her to turn 3 in our home, but not ready for her to be gone in just over a month

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  1. Mixed feeling are hard... like being pulled...praying!