Sunday, September 23, 2012

less than a month and counting?????

reality starting to sink in.

sent four boxes of stuff with them to their visit yesterday - some of their favorite types of toys that we have duplicates of.

voice of transporter echoing in my ears --- warning that whatever we sent may be sold for cigarette money... not by HER but by HIM

praying it isn't so... unless it really is more than they need... or at the time when they have grown out of it...

sending stuff anyway - my heart says its theirs - it goes with them.

the four boxes barely put a dent in the massive amount of stuff the kids have accumulated in the past 15 months.

also getting rid of some of our kiddie plastic dishes - we have tons and our bee can use big boy dishes now.

this week the homestudy was approved - a big accomplishment. visits can happen in the home now.

overnights start in 2 weeks probably.

still feels surreal.

starting to prep bee - but cautiously - part of me is still waiting for the other shoe to drop - for some set back that puts it off another month.

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  1. Such a slow process...knowing it will happen but not sure when. Praying for you guys as you prepare for what's ahead.