Monday, August 1, 2011

266 - 277

266. crazy hand-me down bathing suits for yard play

267. crazy flower jammies on sale for my favorite peekaboo partner

268. rigatoni - the most she has eaten w/ us --- noodles easier to grasp

269. this awesome pony at our local consignment for our lil' girl who tries to ride the arms of our chairs

270. minivan deal... grateful for a friend of the family who is a dealer!

271. playmat for baby... who is starting to grab with aim!

272. dirty feet... girl feet!

273. mom and sis who love my babies and swim with them... so i can have just a few moments to myself

274. mom with a pool

275. dresses off ebay

276. play clothes for $2 at walmart

277. long over due progress made on our addition


  1. I'm so super excited for you that you got a van! So many blessings!

  2. We love 269!!! Our now 5 year old got the same one years ago ... and his little sister has loved it nearly to death, but it still bounces!