Friday, August 5, 2011

i should be happy

baby bear went on a picnic (aka visitation) today

momma bear is getting over sickness which involves nasty symptoms so not good for the hour commute they take... so she stayed home

the transporter is awesome (more informative than the cw, bummed we won't see her when we go back to work)

ANYWAY... transporter told us that dad loves the notes and is so greatful...

then she said - some people just need a wake-up call, he is getting it together.

i am happy... i know it's best for them to go home... it's not happening soon and i will enjoy them for now... but they will go home

brother bear is in a new placement... they don't sound like our type of fosterparent... praying for him - praying i'm wrong, praying our cw gets it together so we can get him out... we've asked to take him on a mini-vacation w/ us... but hope to spend time with him first!

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