Sunday, August 7, 2011

men in uniform

most girls get a thrill from men in uniform

not momma bear

we were in sonny's after church today and a group of police officers were seated near by

she became visibly upset and wanted to be held and to see baby

this is when a foster parent has to pay attention to surroundings!

it would have been easy to blow it off as typical restaurant behavior... and maybe it was

it also may have been the fact the last time she saw police officers was most likely when she was removed from her home

it was so hard to see her panicking, she has felt safe with us and in that moment she felt at risk.


  1. :( A good sign that she knew she could trust you to keep her safe.

  2. My daughters did that for over a year after they came home to us. Every time they had ever seen someone in uniform, it was an ugly experience for them. It took a lot of time to heal that particular wound for them. Hopefully Mama Bear will never have to experience ugliness like that again.