Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Really thought that I would be able to spot racism.

I had thought the racism in my family was limited more towards the older men.

Today on facebook I saw this post from a close relative younger than myself...

Minorities, can't live with them. Can't live with them. No, really you can't live a fulfilling life with them around.

I sent him a quick message - reminding him that there is a chance that my next child could be a minority. I reminded him half his posts are about Jesus. He is an intense Christian. These things don't mesh.

I am heartbroken, confused, and not sure what this means for our relationship down the road. I have a feeling it'll mean less and less contact. If he can't see the error of his way I have no choice. I will not expose my children to such ignorance.

Very sad.


  1. I hope he is able to reflect honestly on your words without shutting them out, and that he experiences growth in his perspective on this issue.

  2. Sorry to hear that:( Praying for you as to wrestle with how to handle this and for God to work in his heart.

  3. That is so sad. Hopefully your words will open his eyes to the racism he's expressing.

    It's sad but I've found that a lot of the people in our lives who make racist comments don't mean to be racist, they just think it's acceptable or funny or whatever. They don't realize the hate they're spreading. I've yet to find a good way to deal with that.