Friday, November 12, 2010

6 months away...

God has truly blessed me with friends as I walk through this crazy time as a foster-parent-to-be.

Our plan is to take classes in January. Our best estimate is that we could have kids join us in May.


This path is so different that having had a biological child. At this point in a pregnancy - you shout it from the roof tops, you start getting stuff, it starts to feel almost safe - your past the scary first trimester.

We, however, are still quiet. Only our closest friends and family really know how close we are. It's not that I won't talk about it with those who ask, but it isn't a process easy to talk about. We don't do crazy facebook posts, etc.

One of my closest friends breathed the blessings of God into our life today. She found out her crib (which she is done with) has been recalled (as probably has ours). She is the much more organized type, and since she was breaking it down anyway - she got the info together and sent in for the recall voucher - and took me crib shopping!!!!

It has turned out better than if we used our old crib. We had a normal drop down crib --- with her voucher I was able to get a transitional crib (great for baby or toddler!)

This is the first thing we have officially purchased for our peanuts! Bee was excited and had hoped I would bring it home and was bummed when I told him it would be a few weeks.

Starting to feel like it is really going to happen!

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