Friday, November 19, 2010

2 questions answered

So! I didn't get the OFFICIAL schedule, but did get some information today.

I had sworn I would wait a week... but was going absolutely nutty waiting to hear back from the agency about the schedule.

So I called today, and... for some reason she didn't get the email! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA... I must have mistyped the email address.

I got the answers to my 2 top pre-class questions.

1. I can train with the agency that I want to train w/ even though my dad is on the board (whew b/c it's THE ONLY agency for area!)

2. She confirmed that we can start our training in January and be certified by May! She said as soon as we are certified, we will most likely starting calls!!!!!!!

The only bummer is that instead of being in just the next town - down the street from my parents, it's 1/2 an hour away :(. Luckily it's the same direction of my parents, but will add time to the whole journey on those nights, which will cause more time away from Bee. It'll be over a half our drive each way. She didn't tell me which night it will be, sort of stressful because we have "things" every night and I want to start preparing what we will drop.

When the classes were held near my parents they were Thursday nights, BUT, I think the ones at the "other" location are on Wednesday nights. I wonder if the classes are not in the area b/c they can't get a location - if that is the case - I may ask around to see if we can find a place (ahem ahem) (church folks) :).

I am amazed at how my mood has immediately improved! That and my gorgeous Bee got 5 GREEN CARDS this week. First time this year, and he has been in class since August. Finally! So happy. We are so excited because he has been struggling with his behavior and this is real progress.


  1. Isn't it amazing how the smallest bit of news can be the most exciting thing in the world? I'm glad you're making progress!