Monday, October 11, 2010


Tonight my lil man B was super hyper. He was truly wound up and crazy. For story time to calm him down I told him the story of Baby Peanut. I hadn't prepared, but just wove the tail as we cuddled.

Baby Peanut was sad because his momma and daddy couldn't care for him. Baby Peanut was lonely and couldn't wait to someday become part of a family that would love and care for him. Baby Peanut wants to join a family with a dog, a cat, and two frogs... and a big brother.

I've been searching and searching for stories about adoption and foster care and still haven't found quite the right book. It is such a hard concept to hold onto that some parents don't know how to care for their children.

If ANYONE out there knows of good books that specifically address foster care and preparation of bio-kids for the addition of foster kiddies --- please post comment!

here's one link: - we will be getting B this one!

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