Sunday, April 8, 2012

sweet easter gift!

from the back seat "momma...."

i turn off the radio... "yes baby" (talkin' to Bee)

bee "why are there so many commandments but God only told us about 10?"

momma "honey he told us a whole bunch of commandments - the most famous are the 10 - there are books and books of laws in the Bible"

bee "ohhh..."

momma "but remember, Jesus came - do you remember the pharisees tried to trick him... they asked what the most important law was... and he said there were TWO --- LOVE God with all your heart, strength, soul, mind, and to LOVE others"

bee... "ohhh yeah"

bee... "momma... how do we get to heaven??? by not sinning???"

momma... "bee, that's impossible! remember - we sin EVERY DAY - all the time! that's why Jesus came, to die for us"

bee... "so we need to confess our sins to go to heaven???"

momma... "we SHOULD confess our sins, but all we have to do is love Jesus and believe he came to die for us"

bee... "ohhh ok"

momma.... "you could pray to HIM and let him know you want HIM to know you love him with your whole heart, that you are glad he came to die for us and that he lives in your heart"

bee... silence

momma "what do you think"

bee... "can i pray in my head?"

momma "of course!"

bee... "ok..." funny eye blink... "did you hear me pray momma... i did it!"

momma "i didn't hear it baby, but i'm proud of you!"

sweet boy!

day before easter - it was such a gift for us!


  1. What a fabulous Easter present. I can't imagine anything better!