Saturday, April 14, 2012

happy half day... packing memories

today is momma's bear two and a  half bday --- usually i don't make a big deal out of half bdays, but we are fairly sure we won't be with her to celebrate her third... so it's more poignant...

to make it more surreal, i'm packing up the kids' easter stuff... and decided to grab their christmas stockings from their secret spot and pack them in a box i'm labeling x&x's holiday stuff.

in doing so, i've realized we just celebrated their last holiday with us (gift giving silly holiday).

we still have 5 mos of craziness and all, but it's very odd to pack up stuff and be fairly sure i won't be the one unpacking it...

there is a sadness... and hope to it as well..

i want their mom to do this, i want her to get her life back and her kids together - i want to witness redemption... i just want to snuggle with these babies forever too...

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  1. such a mixed bag of emotions! Praying for them and for you, and for all who love the bears