Thursday, September 15, 2011

what we have here is a failure to communicate


the bears' caseworker is quickly becoming one of my least favorite people

she is not communicating whether or not she is REALLY working with the other foster family to set up sibling visits.... just a casual... oh yeah, i gave them your info to contact you...

then tonight, i emailed asking for details about how to get to the judicial review we were told is this upcoming Monday.

response... (cut and pasted)

The review was on Monday. We had the date wrong

that's it -

i am flabergasted.

these kids deserve the best, and they aren't getting it.


***just got email from the foster care support worker... she is going to be contacting our case worker and her supervisor tomorrow to get this taken care of! she apologized on behalf of the worker (i hadn't even mentioned not getting an apology) - she was shocked that we hadn't gotten one! it hadn't really crossed my mind until she mentioned it.

praying all goes well (and that they don't come to the house in the midst of flood rehabilitation)

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  1. ugh. :(
    i am sorry to say that this is 100% typical. this is exactly why foster parents burn out. not because of the kids and not because giving them back is so hard but because CPS sucks. alot. i am sorry :( we want to foster again- but i think after 3 1/2 years and several cases/kids we are done dealing with all the cps mistakes and bad decisions. :(