Saturday, September 17, 2011

brother bear

after the so-not-fun of thursday and all it's minidrama... silver lining... fire lit to get big brother's foster momma to call us and set up a playdate

which she did

for today... the most inconvenient of days... but we jumped at it.

local park, 3 hours (went to dinner during as well)

sweet boy - confused... thinks he is the only one who had to leave... thinks the lil' bears live with his parents, didn't believe they are living with us.

what must he think?

had a blast... but definitely confirmed i am not ready to have 4 children in our house... someday... not this moment...

praying the cw does NOT show for visitation tomorrow... but she probably will... praying for understanding in the crazy mess of our house as we continue to piece it back together and go through all our shtuff

1 comment:

  1. An answer to prayer that he got to spend time with you guys! Praying for God's work in the lives of the bear family.