Monday, September 13, 2010

Guilty Thanks

Thankfulls that I am almost ashamed to post...

70. An unexpected nothing to do night --- guilty pleasure is that it happened b/c my Gma called and cancelled dinner tonight

71. A full day (practically) to myself on Saturday --- guilty b/c I had little time with my son who I don't get to see tons during the week

72. additional time for JUST me tonight --- guilty b/c my hubby went to work to get more stuff done

73. Was able to get a few things done at work today unexpectedly --- guilty b/c it happened because I stopped class 10 minutes early (forgot when the bell rang!)

74. Sweet morning cuddle time with my little man ---- guilty because we need to get him to stop crawling into our bed at night

75. RICE PUDDING --- 2-fold guilty -- happened b/c I was making dinner and forgot that 2 cups of uncooked rice = 6 cups of cooked rice AND --- I ate all but one serving by myself in 24 hours

76. to NOT live near certain family members --- guilty - self explanatory

77. that my son's school was open on Rosh Hashanna --- guilty b/c I had off work and sent him anyway!

78. for TV shows that are online - guilty b/c now i waste even more time (i dunno - maybe it's less --- ???)

**** seriously though - super grateful for all the above, mainly felt bad about feeling the relief that we weren't going out tonight - then felt bad b/c they cancelled b/c they aren't feeling well


  1. You should feel guilty about the rice pudding-you didn't share any with me!

  2. i've got PLENTY of rice left still - maybe I'll make some for Thursday group if you promise to behave :)