Sunday, August 1, 2010

Vacation Hangover... aka Momma needs a drink

Uggg... recovering from a vacation is reminding me of a hangover... complete with nausea and headache.

I'm so tired, but can't sleep... nausea from eating junk food (slim jims aren't what they used to be). I am also dealing w/ a caffeine withdrawal headache.

I ended up taking a "big" vacation this summer - had sworn I wouldn't as we are saving money for our much anticipated and promised room enclosure. (our closest friends know this was SUPPOSED to happen a year and a half ago --- but keeps getting pushed back). Anyway - a close friend's hubby decided to send us all (3 mommas + 4 boys) to Chattanooga. A great blast but thoroughly exhausting!

Coolidge Park, Walking Bridge, Sculpture Garden, Children's Museum, Moonpies, Incline Railway, Point Park, Covenant College, dinner with a cool family, super cool Pumpkin Park, and much much more!

Yesterday we drove 14 hours to get home - luckily no meltdowns!

The trip was great bonding for our boys - and the mommas bonded over the experience - not a ton of conversation (hard to talk around 4 boys), but I love the analogy I've heard of Jesus and his apostles --- he asked them to go fishing. Lots of time spent together not necessarily talking. True friendships are built not only on the occasional deep convo - but time spent together. The mommas definitely spent some time in the trenches together and I look forward to some time to swap war stories at another date!

Today is recovery, and slowly withdrawing from caffeine... but for now --- momma needs a drink - of mountain dew to chase off this minimigraine!


  1. So glad you braved the trip with me! Next time we should bring husbands along:)

  2. Fun times, even with all the hard work of raising children! I agree, we need to do a family group trip!