Sunday, August 8, 2010


we aren't supposed to post about things like family being out of town but... ahhhhhh... this is awesome and weird!

Daddy and son went out of town to visit Daddy's family. I have been apart from my son a few times, but only once before has he left and I have stayed here. BOTH times have been to visit the inlaws. Last time I didn't go because I had JUST gone back to work, this time because I am teaching a seminar for social studies teachers and smartboards for my county. (don't be too impressed all of 8 teachers are coming ;))

What to do... well --- I had to go grocery shopping. I am NOT the cook in the household - hubby is. So... I picked up stouffer's mac and cheese to cook up and some diced ham to add... that should get me through the two nights I have to make dinner, and then I contemplated buying ice cream... and Winn Dixie had Ben & Jerry's was buy one get one!!! woo hoo - contemplation over

There is an odd peace being in my house alone. I will clean a little, organize alittle, work (boo!), get a massage (thanks to gma), a pedi (thanks to a friend), go to dinner and a movie w/ a friend --- woot woot

Crazy to think how excited I am to have two nights all to myself! The gentle joys of motherhood :)