Thursday, August 12, 2010

grateful 51-61

51. for unexpected 4th block teaching for hubby and self - equaling extra money not expected

52. a father who calls me w/ adoption tips... he's thinking about it, he knows it's our reality

53. the miracle of getting my house in order out of no where so my small group could meet

54. a husband who will take the child out for a bike ride while i watch WEST WING

55. pedicures

56. massages

57. the fact that i got a pedicure and a massage FOR FREE this week thanks to a dear friend and my gma!

58. kids who were quiet today while we prayed and met

59. friends w/ gentle hearts who cry at movies (even when i don't understand why :))

60. mountain dew... mountain dew to counteract benadryl :))))))

61. a little boy who LOVES wearing his cowboy boots (with shorts while bike riding)

1 comment:

  1. LOVE it all! You are so nice to word it as "gentle heart" instead of hysterical, overly sensitive, or just plain weird:) Hope you got a picture of him riding his bike with boots!