Sunday, July 18, 2010

from the mouths of babes

i am ashamed to say my son doesn't necessarily know all my aunts and uncles by name and they aren't typically on the tip of his tongue - i say this because tonight something so sweet touched my heart

part of our bed time routine is to thank God for 5 things and the bless a category of people in our lives (friends, cousins, moms and dads - usually of friends or cousins, aunts and uncles, etc) tonight i started to do cousins, and B stopped me - he said no Momma I want to do uncles and aunts - i started with Dear God please bless aunt a... (we usually give sounds) i was ready to start w/ his Aunt A... (oldest aunt on his father's side)

he spoke first and said, Dear God please bless Uncle L..... (name full out)

i spoke in a previous post about the unexpected loss of my Aunt b... Uncle L... is her husband - my momma's baby brother.

Not a name typically on B's lips, he hasn't seen him since the funeral 2+ weeks ago.

God is awesome and great - i love that he brought my uncle to my sweet son's mind and therefore to my mind. I will be saying an extra prayer for him (and the kids) tonight... they are constantly in my thoughts and prayers, but tonight even more

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