Wednesday, January 2, 2013

sweet relief

realize i never updated...

we saw them... saturday before christmas

we played elves for santa... hid stuff in their daddy's room (with his permission) for Christmas morning...

we spoiled them... wish we could have seen it...

i hugged and kissed and took video of baby bear running around

momma bear hugged me and literally laid on me on the couch for 10-15 minutes

at first she wasn't too sure of chef hubby... but then warmed up after opening her foofa doll.

was so glad bee could see them one more time.

he snuggled with baby bear and loved every second of it! baby bear wasn't so sure at first... after 2 months (to the day!) i think he was confused... happy... but confused...

have had some phone contact since, but i can handle it now if that was it... thinking i will send texts on birthdays... thinking if i can get agency permission - mail presents (sent from their address)?

we'll see.