Saturday, August 25, 2012

quieter days

along with moving towards reunification... visitation has been notched up...

kids are now gone until bedtime on Thursdays and from 10:45-6:45 on Saturdays.

i miss family time because we are also back at work so we don't really see them. what is nice is we have time to clean up and rest from all our crazy days.

i have realized though i haven't taken as many pictures... trying to make the time we have with them more intentional.. so hard when i am just starting up the school year and worn out, but these are our last days. but dinner is becoming a time to work together and have fun... calzones from pinterest - mmmmm

part of me is tempted to continue picking them up later from daycare so our time is less.... it's the pull of the end time... either soak up the time... or start pulling away...

baby bear is getting so cute - he is entering the fun phase --- he is 15 months old now and discovering so much...

momma is entering the almost 3 year old phase which is rough... but i have learned how to handle her.

we finally are in a good routine... the dust is settling... and it's about to get kicked up again as they leave.

court monday so we will see what new thing is added. probably more visitation... more time to learn living without them.

sometimes it doesn't seem real - it feels more like an odd split custody of sorts - some funky divorce settlement... but soon the reality will sink in...

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  1. You must be so torn. I guess there's no easy way about it but through it. You are investing in what matters, even if you don't see the fruit now, God will bring in the harvest in His time. Praying for you, sweet friend!