Friday, May 25, 2012

giving myself a break

i was worried that i was grouchy... not handling everything well...

then i stopped and thought about the past year...

in ONE YEAR...

we began fostering

had our first placement reunified

accepted a placement of 2 under 2

felt the guilt of not accepting a third sibling (placement understanding - but it's there on our part)

a meningitis scare

starting a school year on an alternating block schedule (any teacher out there will know the stress of a switched schedule)

a flood...

a month in a motel (with 2 under 2 plus our own bee)

moving back in to our wrecked home (keeping an under 2 yr old out of the mess)

my sister's wedding

trip with four children to LEGOland... getting to know the big brother not in our custody

a hint at possible adoption... and almost as quickly... taken back

a tragic diagnosis of my nephew to be...

the passing of my grandfather

a reversal of a tragic diagnosis

moving into our addition (which took over a year to finish)

a sad christmas (grandfather passing just 10 days before) without the usual advent traditions

big time birth parent drama

premature birth of aforementioned nephew.... massive complications... holding our breath day by day...

more birth parent drama...

likely reunification coming up...

yup... need to cut myself some slack... pour a glass of wine and get a massage!


  1. That is quite a year. You've been through a lot. Block scheduling is miserable.

    You SHOULD treat yourself.

  2. I'll join you in that massage! What a crazy year!