Monday, November 5, 2012

well technically you can kiss my grits

have been meaning to post and time is flying by - somehow more busy with only one child (we are out of the house as much as possible)

last tues was parent teacher conference and had an interesting conversation with my son's new weekly pull out teacher... i was trying to let her know he was grieving the kids leaving - and she kept saying stuff about how it would be hard for him to adjust to kids as an only child

ONLY CHILD?!?!?! i'm sorry - i didn't realize someone who has had TWO siblings for over 16 months would be considered an ONLY CHILD (forget the fact that he had a little bro for a month and a half before that....)

i was grumbling about it the next day at work and the psychology (PSYCHOLOGY) teacher looked at me and said - well he is TECHNICALLY an only child...

my response was... no - not really... even his therapist has said he is not an only child...




technically my @$$

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  1. WOW! That's so sad. Our girl was only a sister for 5 months before the girls left and she grieved big time.
    Terrible how people can belittle kids feelings just because they are kids.