Thursday, February 16, 2012

meeting mommy

i "met" mommy today

over the phone (@ county office during a planning meeting)

sounds like... someone who i could have been friends with

she doesn't sound like an addict

we spoke

i told her i love HER kids... i reaffirmed several times that "they are YOUR kids" she asked if i would write her updates, and i said of course... they are YOUR kids, we love them...

she thanked me...

i told her "baby bear" was getting chubby and had the best belly laugh in the world.

that momma bear was well and that they are visiting brother this weekend

she cried...

i cried...

she asked that we tell her kids she loves them and thinks of them... i promised and told her we pray for her every day...

my heart broke for her ---- i have a love for her i cannot explain.... she is my babies momma... you could hear the love she has for them... so i love her (weird?)

please join me --- pray for her --- pray for strength --- pray for wisdom.... she has some tough things to do to make this work

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  1. Wow, I can only imagine the depths of emotions you both felt. God was present with you. Praying that she continues to be motivated.