Wednesday, December 1, 2010

warning - whining ahead

So this week has sucked.

Not in an overly sucky way... just a generally sucky way.

Monday was rough, it always is after a good long weekend off. Nothing like a five day weekend to make you dread Monday.

Everyone was cranky at work... kids and teachers.

During 1st block I found out I have to go to a meeting tomorrow (thursday). Ugh. I get a day away from the kids ---> but short notice for lesson plans :(. And it's not a fun meeting.

Then, part way through my 3rd block, I was dealing with a minor infraction of a student, was about to write him up when he busted out with "I want to blow up your car."

Upside --- he won't be in my class anymore.

Then I get home and my beautiful child --- has a red card. He is having a rough week. It is now Wednesday and he has gotten a red card all three days. He didn't go to cubbies today, and if it happens again - he doesn't get to go to his friends tomorrow. We are trying to not beat him over the head w/ consequences, but there must be consequences that are natural for his behavior.

I just have a general crankiness and trying to shake it and it's just not happening. I don't know what's going on and it sucks.

I LOVE Christmas, and am just not in the spirit. I'm reading great books, trying to focus on the upside, but just want to press pause and cry, and sleep, and breathe.

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  1. All of that stinks! Praying for a better day tomorrow. You can stay over at my house as late as you want, we're having a sleepover:)